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I know i just finished the free weed promo but i have decided just to do a give away.

•Must be following me: headhiigh
• 1 reblog = 1 entry
• you can reblog as many times as you want
•likes will be ignored
• This must reach at least 3,000 notes or i will just sell this glass on ebay or something

• Glass bong (9.5”)
• Glass dabber (5.5”)
•Glass pipe (6.3”)
• i might even throw in a free gram of weed
• Winner must be okay with giving me their name and address to which i will be shipping to
• Ship worldwide

I will choose the winner on Friday October 10, at 9:00pm pacific time. The winner will be chosen by random. If this doesn’t reach 3,000 notes by 10/10/14 then i will not do the give away. So start reblogging!

Good luck everyone and stay high

For any questions about the give away feel free to message me✌️

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